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Seelenfreund Basenjis




Happy Birthday, Banshee! We wish all the Old Legend's B's, C's and I's a happy Barooday!


We wish you all a peacefull time before Christmas!


Happy 4th Birthday to our A-Litter!


Happy Birthday to our B-Litter! They are one Year old today!


Happy 5th Birthday, Panda!!!!


Yesterday Bassam moved to his new family. We wish them all a long, happy and interesting life together!



Bassam is still looking for his perfect family!

Seelenfreund's Bassam
* 4.12.2011
Nganga's Jimi Hendrix (FS clear) x Dt. Ch VDH Old Legends Banshee (FS prob. clear)
Wonderfull wrinkles, dark almond-shaped eyes...
AVAILABLE - serious inquiries are welcome


The experiences I have made during the last breeding season make me think. Think about if the nice moments and the beautifull puppies are worth the endless discussions with people which are of a "all-inclusive-online-shopping" mentality, which of my opinion has nothing to do with live animals. Discussing prices, discussing if it is really necessary to visit the puppy before I can promise a puppy, discussing names and supplies. This is so disgusting and I am of the opinion that it really is not my kind of business I want to deal with. Ignorant a**holes which better should buy a plant or a lamp instead of a living creature. I DO NOT BREED LIFESTYLE ACCESSORIES!!!



Our little Bassam is still looking for his perfect family. Serious inquiries are welcome!



Bassam is still looking for a perfect home. He is a very agile and playfull male. He loves to cuddle and play, but he also knows what he wants and what he does not want. I think he would love to do Agility, Lure Coursing and/or Track Racing.



The puppies are 12 weeks old now. Soon it is time to say goodbye. But as we have had the perfect spring weather, we enjoyed one last photosession with all puppies in our garden. It's Bassam, who is still looking for his perfect family.

 from left: Beltaine, Belladonna, Badrani, Bassam


Today the puppies are 10 weeks old. This morning we took them along to explore the dunes in Houstrup. We give them the chance to make a lot of experiences in unknown surroundings. Later we had a photo-shooting.

We decided, that Badrani will be part of our pack. He will stay with us.

Bassam, Belladonna and Beltaine are looking for suitable families. Beltaine should have a family which is going to show her.


Our puppies are 8,5 weeks old now. They have received their first vaccinations and the ID-chip has been set.

The puppies join us in various activities so they get as many impressions as possible. The first lessons in clicker training have started.

Some of our puppies are still looking for suitable families. Dog Show people are welcome.






Today my beloved Gromit celebrates his 10th Birthday. Time flies! It feels as if it was just last week that he was a puppy, chewing all the shoes and fooling around the whole day. I wish there will follow a lot more Birthdays to celebrate together!



Happy New Year!

Today the puppies are 4 weeks old! New pictures are to be found in our puppy-blog.




Today Jester's bride, Jua Hanacek, gave birth to 7 beautifull puppies. 3 x r/w girls, 3 x r/w boys and 1 x b/w boy. Pictures will follow soon. Huge congratulations to Jua and Markéta!

unfortunately the smallest boy did not make it and died on the 2nd day. So sad :-(



Happy Birthday, Banshee! The apple of my eye celebrates today her 5th Birthday. We send our best wishes to the littermates and the Old Legend's C-Litter!


Happy 3rd Birthday to our A-Litter. Tinka, Pebbles, Shakti and Anubis are beautifull Basenjis, much loved members of their families. We are very happy and send our best wishes!


Just a few minutes ago, our B-Litter was born. By now there are 4 black and white puppies born. 2 males, 2 females. Mother Banshee and the puppies are doing well. Further informations already now at our puppy-blog. Introduction of the individual puppies will follow tomorrow.


From Czech Republik we receive the wonderfull news, that Jua Hanacek, Jester's Bride, ist confirmed pregnant. There are +- 3 puppies expected around December 15th. For further informations please click.


Today our wonderfull "Panda-Puh" celebrates her 4th Birthday! Happy Birthday, Panda-Puh! May a lot more follow....

"Panda-Puh" is Lis Glamur Velikaya Panda-Monkey who travelled all the way from Moscow to live with us.


Just back from the vet who confirmed Banshee's pregnancy. He was able to see 4 little puppies and is not sure, if there might be one or two more. So now we can prepare everything for the arrival of our B-Litter around December 1st.



On Thursday, Oct. 20st, Jester mated Jua. Puppies are expected to be born around Dec. 21st.



Today we received the stunning news, that Jester's "Bride to be" has started her season. Soon we will travel a little to meet her. Further informations to this stunning litter (Old Legend's Anam Chara X Jua Hanacek) are to be found here: Matings


Yesterday Jim mated Banshee. We are expecting puppies around Dec. 1st.


Jester has been at the ECVO-Eyespecialist today. He was judged as PPM, PRA and Katarakt clear.


Time flies: Banshee is in season since last week Thursday. If I count back to the A-Litter, she was mated on her 11th day of the season. So I guess we should go and meet Jim on Thursday, 29.9.2011. But I think, Jester will be my best "navigator" on this issue.


Today we would like to introduce our breedingplans for the season 2011/2012. We have decided to use a very beautifull, young male for Banshee's second litter, who convinced us with his very charming personal appearance.

Nganga's Jimi Hendrix  x  Dt. Ch VDH Old Legend's Banshee

Further informations about this litter can be found here


Unfortunately we have to put down our original plans for the comming breeding season. The owner of Sonny cannot manage the mating due to personal reasons. We look forward to a maybe possible mating with Sonny for the breeding season 2012/2013 and are very sorry, that again this is not going to happen. But that's how life goes....

We will update our planned litter within a few days, so please, stay "tuned"...



National Lure Coursing Competition in Noerresundby (DK). For the first time ever, the Basenjis were allowed to participate in a official competition here in Denmark. Panda finally received her FCI Coursing Licens and gained 83,75 points in two runs of 850 m each. This is rank 2. Jester got 86 points in two heats and won this Competition with a CERT.

Pictures can be found here: http://myndeklubbengallerie.seelenfreund.dk/#67.0

On Saturday, Bederi participated in his second Show in Youthclass. Judge Mrs. Marie-Christine Delabelle (B) gave him a very nice critic and he received Exc. 1, CAC, BOB, Youth BIS 3.

So now he has received this 2nd CAC for the Danish Championtitle. The next CAC's he might get, are not useable until he is 2 Years old. But I will continue to show him, to give him a good routine in the procedure of Dog Shows, which are quite a challenge for him.







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